Los Angeles (Agencies): The blockbuster success of his 3D magic 'Avatar' last year has catapulted filmmaker James Cameron to the top spot on the Hollywood Top Earners list.

Compiled by Vanity Fair magazine, the list shows Cameron as the richest man in Hollywood in 2010 with a total earning of USD 257 million, mostly from the box office and DVD sales of the Oscar-winning movie.

The 'Tourist' star Johnny Depp grabbed the second spot on the 'Top 40' list of top-earning stars, directors and producers. The list, which excludes TV and other non-film–related income, estimated Depp's haul for the year at USD 100 million.

At the third place is another Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg, with USD 80 million coming from his universal-theme-park royalties, consulting fees and directing and producing upcoming film 'War Horse'.

'Inception' director Christopher Nolan clinched the fourth spot on the list with a total income of USD 71.5 million as the film's star Leonardo DiCaprio followed suit with a USD 62 million in earnings.

The top ten list also included filmmakers Tim Burton, Todd Philips and actors Adam Sandler, Robert Downey Jr.

Taylor Lautner emerged as the highest earning 'Twilight' star, securing his place at number nine with a USD 33.5 million purse, as Kristen Stewart only made it to number 13 (USD 28.5 million) and Robert Pattinson at number 15 (USD 27.5 million).

Angelina Jolie landed at number 21 with her income pegged at USD 23.5 million while partner Brad Pitt was nowhere to be found on Vanity Fair's list.