"3D is going to transform how consumer electronics are manufactured and consumed in the coming years," Chandan Chowdhury, managing director-India, Dassault Systemes, said in a statement.

The multinational which has its presence in 140 countries announced yesterday that it will showcase from January 6 to 9 its virtual universe technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, to provide a 'glimpse of how innovations will look and behave in the future'.

The company will demonstrate its 3D EXPERIENCE universes technology at CES to allow innovators from business, science and a host of other fields to engage in an interactive journey around the theme of 'Dream, Create, Live.'

In the 'Dream' area, visitors will experience a 3D application paired with an HTC virtual reality headset, to sketch ideas and bring them to life. Next, they will explore how companies can 'Create' products through  demonstrations spanning all steps of product development a" from ideation  to design to sales and marketing.

Lastly, visitors will see how people  can 'Live' and consume a 3D experience, from personalizing their home,  to shopping with 3D technologies or navigating cities of the future, it  added.