Meerut: If you stumble upon a striking female profile on social networking site Facebook, hold your horses before clicking animatedly on ‘Add Friend’ section as sending a friend request for the third time to a girl can invite a big legal trouble for you.

Given the increasing number of cases of cyber crime, Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police Devraj Nagar has issued a new circular to keep a tab on them.

Adding strangers is nothing strange in the contemporary world dominated by web. And getting friend requests rejected by girls is pretty common as well. However, if you send her a request for the third time, you can be put behind bars.

A girl can lodge a complaint against a person if she receives multiple friend requests in spite of rejecting them. Based on the girl’s complaint, the accused will be framed under Section 66A of Information Technology Act. Besides, a fine of Rs up to 5 lakh can also be slapped on him.

The state police department is of the view that youths often send friend requests to girls whose profile picture appears attractive. When boys continue to send her friend requests despite being rejected, they get pestered. Even if when the girl adds him, her photographs get stolen and are eventually misused.  

The girl will have to produce evidence of friend requests in order to register the compliant after which police will start the proceedings to take action against the accused.