Switzerland: Researchers have identified four simple ways to bring out positive emotions in people. The researchers from University of Zurich said by writing a letter or an e-mail to a person who has supported us or gone out of her way to help us recently, and letting that person know that it mattered, can bring out positive emotions that play a key role in boosting mood, a daily reported.

Secondly, they said that by being around an energetic crowd - at a sporting event, an uplifting seminar, or even an aerobics class - does a lot of good, as enthusiasm can be contagious and habit forming.

In another way, they suggest people to think about a situation in which they were lost out on something, whether the cause was bad luck or bad timing, and write it down and identify the door that opened because of that closed one.

This move helps to look on the bright side, they said.

Rather than simply wondering about a topic of interest, probe further. Read an article or go to an exhibit. Write a journal about your experience or recap it on Facebook because learning--and sharing knowledge--foster curiosity, the researchers added.


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