Three-fourth of the people surveyed say their role in the family's purchasing decisions is to research prices and features, while 63 percent use their mobile device for search and information and 53 percent use the same to download apps, says an Aimia, which is into loyalty management globally, in a survey titled 'Emerging Indian Millennial (highly educated and tech-savvy people) Consumers' that tracks urban consumer behaviour.

It also finds that consumers are careful about sharing their personal data with 72 percent agreeing that it is important for them to know the nature of data being gathered, while 50 percent respond to email offers, while just 13 percent of the Americans polled respond to email offers.

Also, 54 percent are likely to respond to social media and online ads than millennials in other regions (24 percent in Britain and just 15 percent in US), says the survey. The report has been compiled over the last eight months and covers ten tier I and tier II cities across the country.

The study also finds that as many as 70 percent of the people surveyed have heard about loyalty programmes, but only 54 percent of them are members of any programme.