According to the survey, 42 percent of employers in India have fired an employee for being late and among the nine surveyed countries.

Brazil came in second, a distance 16 percent behind, where 26 percent of employers have fired a staff for coming late, followed by France and Russia jointly at the third place (22 percent).

Meanwhile, 21 percent of UK employers have fired an employee for being late. While in China 20 percent, Germany 9 percent, Japan 7 percent and Italy 6 percent have lost their job due to being late.

Though arriving late is not the norm for workers and employers alike, people sometime get delayed due to some force beyond their control, whether it is a traffic jam or a rainstorm, the survey said.

"Employers know that alarms don't always work and cars breakdown on occasion," CareerBuilder UK manager director Scott Helmes said adding that as long as you're honest and don't make a habit of being ate, your boss will most likely be understanding.    

According to the survey, UK workers were asked how often they arrive late to the office and 63 percent said never.

Only 9 percent of workers admit to arriving late once a month, the same amount that arrive late one per year. However, 14 percent of workers are late to work one to four days per week.

The top five reasons for coming late include traffic, 33 percent, public transportation, 22 percent, bad weather, 18 percent, lack of sleep, 14 percent, taking the kids to nursery or school, 6 percent, the survey noted.


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