In a statement released here, the academicians associated with various prestigious institutions said that as historians and archaeologists they wanted to respond to the scholars' 'hypocritical attempts to claim moral high ground'.
"The closely-linked statements (by the scholars) appearing with clockwork regularity in India and abroad" are a well orchestrated campaign to create a bogeyman and cry wolf.
"They (statements) are neither intellectual nor academic in substance, but ideological and, much more so, political," the academicians claimed in the statement. The statement said that on October 26, 53 Indian historians had voiced alarm at what they perceived the country's 'highly vitiated atmosphere' and attempts to impose a legislated history.
This statement, they said, was followed by an open letter from overseas historians and social scientists warning against a "dangerously pervasive atmosphere of narrowness, intolerance and bigotry" and a monolithic view of India's history.
Many of the signatories to these two statements, they claimed, have been part of an politico-ideological apparatus, which has come to dominate most historical bodies and imposed its blinkered view of Indian historiography on the whole academic discipline.

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