New York: A 4-year-old boy has been selected as the mayor of a small town in Minnesota, called Dorset.

Mayor Robert Tufts carries his big stick around town, which has a population of 22, to keep order. The toddler is an expert fisherman, and he can also sing and dance, a daily reported.

He says he has just one girlfriend for now-a girl named Sophia. It's unclear whether the town's first lady knows that she's captured the mayor's heart.

Mayor Tufts was chosen at last year's "Taste of Dorset" festival. The small town selects its leader in a drawing during the popular event.

Campaigns don't cost much in Dorset-just 1 dollar will get your name in the hat. You don't even have to live there. At one point, a 5-year-old from Chicago was running the town.


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