Washington: A four-year-old boy from Colorado is alive after falling out of a three-story apartment window, and miraculously landing on his feet. Dylan Hayes fell out the window of his Aurora apartment while his mother was shampooing her carpets, media reports.

She had moved her couch to the wall when Dylan climbed on it to talk through the windows to the downstairs neighbors. "I fall ... really, really far," Dylan told media. His mother, Jessica Hayes, said that she was terrified and didn't know what she was going to see when she got down to the ground floor, media reported.

Dylan fell out of the third story window, did two somersaults in the air, and landed on the rock below on his feet. The screen he broke through suffered more damage than he did. Dylan was hospitalized for just 20 hours. He wore a neck brace as a precaution but was released with barely a scratch. Hayes has since moved out of the apartment complex and is living with a relative. She is looking for a new place on the first floor.


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