As Apple registers its first revenue decline in nine long years, we take a look at five of its products which revolutionized the world of technology:


In an era when computers were considered a luxury fit only to be enjoyed by the rich, Macintosh took the wonder machine to the masses. Although, they were still beyond the means of the common man, they laid the foundation of cheaper computers developed later by arch-rival Microsoft.


This was co-founder Steve Job's comeback product. It changed music consumption around the world and changed Apple's image to a consumer technology company from the one dealing in mere computers.  


An arena dominated by the likes of Nokia and Blackberry, iPhone proved that smartphones go beyond the combination of e-mail and calling. The idea was to make it a computer which can fit in a palm. It introduced apps and softwares which laid the foundation for the modern day apps that have made life much easier.

App store
Another trendsetter, the app store enabled users to buy an app instead of getting it installed physically.

Touch technology
The gestures, a replica of the mouse, we use to operate our touch phones and laptops are another gift from Apple. Some gestures have been patented by the company but majority of them are still in use worldwide, thanks to the universality of their nature.

It is evident that Apple has been planning and executing better than the other players, which has solved the complications of human behaviour and made technology a virtual servant for humans.

The question is, is it a servant really?

By: Ira Shukla/JPN