Feelings still prevail: Even after the bitter and sour experiences, those special feelings still prevail in your heart for your loved one. Feelings are something which cannot be

erased from heart so easily. Perhaps, he was the person whom you clicked with and in reality it’s difficult to find someone like him again so reharbour those feelings once again and give love a second chance.

You truly loved him: It becomes important to give your partner a second chance because even after the strained relation you still love him. If he has messed up for the first

time, it’s worth giving him a second chance. You have accepted his best and worst without any condition so mending the relationship again with a strong foundation is not a bad idea.
Your partner made you laugh: Remember the times in your relationship when he made you laugh. His presence and company made you genuinely happy. He played a key

factor in activating the option of happiness in your life. You surely cannot forget the reason of happiness in your life so must try and give him a second chance.
Nurturing the bond of love: With dating for long, both you have developed strong bonding. However, a silly mistake can ruin your relationship. You should give a chance to

your partner to correct the mistake. You are with him for quite a long time and you must be knowing all his good and bad, so giving him a second chance is not a bad idea.
Still waiting for you: Take time and observe carefully whether your partner is really sorry for his mistakes or whether he does things right this time. Is he really the one

waiting for you? If he actually cares for you, surely grant him with a second chance.

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