In the meantime, there is common notion among us that it’s men who run behind women to attract and dictate every means of action that can impress them. However, it’s wrong! Nature is not biased while throwing the dice of desires among us, which makes it apparent that women equally take interest in men, and do try to find out of curiosity that who is interested in her.

Women who are trying to burn their brains in unraveling the mystery of men’s liking towards them, must continue reading the article as it will help them to know those men who they thought are attracted to them but are not.

Get ready to find out and the chuck out those men from your love list, because all you need is less.

1. Staying Around:

A guy who likes you will always find a reason to stay closer to you, apparently. He may be funny, annoying or maybe flirty, but, any which way, he is trying to be with you. And, if he’s not stay around you, it’s time to assume that he is probably not interested in you.


2. No hesitation in discussing about other girls:

This can be one of the major reasons he might be not interested in you. If he’s taking about other girls comfortably with you, then there’s a possibility, that he is concerned about your feeling, romantically. If he had even a slightest of romantic inclination towards you, he should have been more focused on you.

3. Not interested in talking:

A guy interested in you will certainly find an excuse to talk to you, and will never let an opportunity go begging when it comes to interact with you. The other way round, if your probable guy shows no sign in talking to you, there’s every possibility that he is not attracted towards you.  

4. Body language is the key:

A woman should closely observe his body language to figure out, if he’s interested in you. If he is avoiding eye contact with you, maintaining a safe distance and moving from you, and looking at everything but not you while talking to you, then, he is not the guy that you thought might be interested in you.

5. Difference in talking:

If your guy, who you think, is interested in you, is maintaining the same tone of casual voice with you and your friends, he might be treating you same as he treats his other friends. This suggests that he is not considering you special by any means. Therefore, cut him off from your wish list.

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