New Delhi: According to a UN report, if any natural calamities occur in national capital, Delhi Metro may cause a huge loss of life and property because it falls in a high-risk flood and earthquake zone.

More than 50 metro stations constructed in phases I & II, are located in areas of high-earthquake hazard, the report said. If earthquake up to a magnitude of eight on the Richter scale hits Delhi, these metro stations will be the worst hit. It has also been estimated that a total revenue loss of approximately Rs 4,100 crore may be caused if such calamity happens.

The report, which was released by United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction on June 3, said that around 20 lakh people travel on the Metro throughout the day. The figure is much higher than the population of about 100 countries in the world.

The report was prepared by Bangalore based Indian Institute for Human Settlements on the role of private investment in large scale infrastructure projects in reducing disaster risk.


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