Britain: Researchers have compiled a list of 50 benchmarks, which they claim mark an individual as a full-fledged adult.

If you wash up straight after a meal, know how to bleed a radiator and your mother has started asking for your advice, then you can truly claim to have grown up.

Other key signs of adulthood are more obvious, such as having a mortgage, being married and wearing sensible shoes.

They are all listed among 50 benchmarks that researchers say mark someone as a grown-up.

The findings emerged from a study of 2,000 individuals, though it is not clear just how many need to apply before a person qualifies.

Other indicators of maturity included having a view on politics, taking trips to the local tip, and wearing a coat on a night out.

Interestingly the research, by Skipton building society, shows that most people don't feel like proper grown ups until they are at least 26 years old.

"Many of the indicators are things which people need to have mastered - such as looking after the house and garden, being able to cook and taking responsibility for personal finances", a media quoted Tracy Fletcher, from the building society, as saying.

"But other factors are the key milestones in life, such as buying a house, getting married and having children - things which are happening at a later age due to economic circumstances, job security and so on.

"Owning a house topped the poll as two thirds of Britons felt this was the most significant factor when it comes to ageing and accepting responsibility, and yet it is now harder than ever to set foot on the property ladder," Fletcher added.


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