New Delhi, (Agencies): Over 500 of 840 'killer' blueline buses went off the capital roads on Tuesday in tune with a deadline set by the Delhi Government, which impounded 28 private buses for plying without a permit.

As many as 328 blueline buses will continue to ply on roads in the national capital after the Delhi High Court on Monday allowed buses with permits beyond on Monday to continue with their services.

Transport Department officials impounded 28 blueline buses which were plying on roads after expiry of their permits. Sources said Transport Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely also participated in the raids in the morning.

"Over 500 blueline buses whose permits ended yesterday went off roads today. Only 328 buses who have permits are plying," a senior Transport Department official said.

Delhi Government had set yesterday as the last day for Blueline buses in Delhi, but two bus owners approached the High Court seeking a stay. The court ordered that buses with permits can continue to ply.

The official said the Government will not extend the permit of the blueline buses anymore.

However, commuters alleged that they were put to severe inconvenience as DTC buses were not available frequently.