London: A 5-year-old boy from Illinois, who has an IQ score of 147, has become one of the youngest members to be admitted to Mensa.

Gus Dorman is reading books like ‘Charlotte’s Web,’ while his classmates work on mastering the ABCs. For fun, he has memorized the periodic table and a world map and sometimes corrects even his dad on geography, a daily reported.

His father Robert first noticed his advanced intelligence when he started to potty train his son at 18-months and Gus began to bring a newspaper to read in the toilet, and was also reading copies of ‘Wired’ magazine.

Since Gus was their first child, Dorman and his wife, Kotomi, thought that this was how all kids acted.

Robert said that the couple didn’t realize that Gus was gifted and thought he was like other kids.

On a camping trip with another family, Gus read the slogan off a fellow camper’s clothing and the family friend was stunned that at age 4 Gus could read, even though her 5-year-old daughter was still learning the alphabet.

Then Robert decided that it was time to take his son to get an IQ test, hoping that he might qualify for an out-of-state gifted program but Gus scored within the 99th percentile in nearly all categories of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, which qualified him for Mensa, whose members must have an IQ of at least 135, however, Gus’ IQ was 12 points higher than that.


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