The aromatic, pungent and spicy flavor of the herb is just perfect for Indian taste buds. Ginger is not only a great food but even carries extra medicinal health benefits.

Here is a list of some amazing benefits of adding ginger to your diet:

1.Ginger is a rich source of magnesium, zinc and chromium which can work wonders in improving the blood flow of your body.

2.Ginger contains certain chemicals which  reduce nausea and inflammation. For more than thousand years ginger is being used as a natural treatment for cold and flu around the world.  

3.Some people use ginger in the form of  fresh juice to treat skin burns. The Ginger oil is even sometimes applied to the skin to relieve pain.

4.Ginger is the saviour for stomach related problems like ill digestion and aches. The healing properties of ginger can actually give you relief from various digestion problems.

5. Ginger is often used to cure upper respiratory tract infections like cough. It  naturally breakdowns mucus and cuts cough. Apaart from cough it can also fight against common respiratory problems.

6. Ginger boosts your immunity system by decreasing the risk of catching various bacterial infections and prevents you from excessive sweat and fever.

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