London: It's a waste of time analysing texts to see if a guy or a girl is interested in you. You might just put it to a vote and let everyone else sort it out, experts say. Girls and guys spend hours poring over text messages and emails, trying to figure out one simple truth: is he or she into me? A daily reported.

Usually texts mean nothing. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. But if you're unsure, you can crowd-source feedback on

Therefore, experts have given a list of six messages from guys who were clearly not into the girl.

The list includes "But I don't want a commitment", "Well idk if I'm responsible for your feelings being all over the place", "So I woke up this morning and remember nothing that happened", "Home, b***h... What do you want?", "Do you mind ordering me something from Jimmy Johns I'm kinda broke and I'm starving :|" and "Kind of tired but i'll keep you posted."


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