1. Turn Off Vibrations and witch to ringtone mode
Switch to vibration mode to notify you when you cannot use loud ringtone like when you are caught up in a meeting, theatre or where it is necessary to keep your phone on a silent mode. But the vibration moe consumes much more battery than loud ringtone mode. The solution is switch to the ringtone mode whenever the vibration mode isn't necessary or tune the magnitude of the vibrations.

2. Dim the Screen Light and Shorten Screen Timeout
Smartphone users must have had noticed auto-brightness option, that is because a brightly lit up screen takes a toll on the power back up of the phone. The solution is that the user should dim the light by adjusting the brightness scale to the optimal level or you can enable auto-brightness mode while reading and checking emails, it will help conserving the battery in the long run Additionally, one should also consider minimizing the screen timeout. Don't let the screen stay active for long after you finish interacting with it. Either lock the screen after finishing so that the power doesn't go waste.

3. Kill all the unnecessary apps
Our smartphone is a smart multi-tasker as well, and that is why most of us have a habit of leaving the application opened even after we have finished working on them. Your phone manages the applications well and that's why people don't bother to close them, but this serves as a demerit to your phone's battery health which gets depleted enormously by the applications that are not even being used. The solution is to kill those apps once you have finished working on them.

4. Disable GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not in Use
It's a spoof that the applications installed on your phone consume same amount of power, there are some applications which certainly consume more battery than others like GPS navigation, bluetooth facility, Wi-Fi connection. This essential and in built application that connects with several other applications to determine your location and you Facebook check ins. But then such apps consume a major fraction of your battery. You should always make sure  that you disable such apps after finished working. Not to forget repeated search for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection can leave the battery bar half in no time. One should try to minimize the task on their device.

5. Minimize Notifications on your phone
We are always connected to Internet through Wi-Fi at home, workplaces and at malls. We have our notification feed always updating, may it be on news, emails or Whatsapp and Facebook messages. Each and every notification on your phone takes a toll on battery. One should well manage the settings and stash the unnecessary feeds that often flicker the light of your phone or let it ring.

6. Cool Temperature for your device
Battery runs out faster when the device is warm, one should avoid exposing phone to direct sunlight or keep the phone where the surface is hot. The battery works well in cool temperature. Don't forget to be cautious with you phone in the heated car.