Here we share with you 6 women who are probably more beautiful than what you would call an average pretty girl.

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn
Sirapassorn Atthayakorn (AKA Sammy) is a Thai model who won the most prestigious pageant  Miss International Queen in 2011. She has undergone surgeries to alter sex.

Nong Poy
Nong Poy is renowned Thai model and actress. At a very young age of 17  she took a  decision to undergo a gender change surgery and has never regretted it.

Nikki Chawla
Nikki Chawla is an Indian model who went through sex change operation. She never liked to express herself as a man. Surgery was done in 2009 after that she never looked back.

Born with feminine tendencies Mallika went through series of surgeries and treatments to  transform  into a woman. She is proud to be the first Indian trans-woman. She even participated in beauty contest in Thailand.

Shinata Sangha
For Shinata it was very difficult to take this life changing decision because she belongs to a typical Hindu-Punjabi family. Now she is one of the most successful South Asian transgender model in Britain.

Kim Petras
Kim loves singing and writing her own songs. She is a very popular pop singer, famous for  news media reporting of her gender transition at a young age.

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