An article written by Wade Meredith clearly describes what happens after a person drinks coca cola.

After 10 minutes: You would be shocked to know that around 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your body within 10 minutes of consuming coca cola. The only reason you don't vomit is because of phosphoric acid that cuts and balances the whole flavour.

20 minutes: There is a sudden rise in your blood sugar which also causes excessive release of insulin. Thereafter, the liver reacts to this by turning all the available sugar into fat.

40 minutes: Your body is done with caffeine absorption and with this your blood pressure spikes. Responding to this, your liver pushes more and more sugar into your blood. Finally, brain's adenosine receptors are blocked helping to prevent drowsiness.

45 minutes: In your body, there is a notable increase of dopamine production. Dopamine production is responsible for triggering pleasure centres in brain. In short, the process is same as how heroin works.

60 minutes: The available phosphoric acid boosts your metabolism by combining magnesium, zinc and calcium in your lower intestine. Just after this, the diuretic properties of caffeine becomes active which urges you to urinate. Now when you urinate, you are surely going to evacuate all the necessary magnesium, calcium and zinc that was required by your bones.

After 60 minutes:
After pissing away all the nutrients like magnesium, calcium and zinc your body is left with nothing of substance. The same nutrients your cola washed away were much needed by your body to rehydrate your system and build healthier bones.

After reading all this, we guess you will surely not let your body handle this level of torture and will give a thought whether to drink your favourite sweet drink or not.


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