Patna: A new page has been added to the rich cultural history of Bihar as 6,000 year old human civilization has been unearthed in Pandav Nagar (Pand) in Samastipur. The buried heritage was found during the excavation conducted by Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna by the permission of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

The Birbal Sahni Institute of Paleobotany, Lucknow has confirmed the finding through radio carbon-dating of the found artifacts.

The Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute started excavation at the site in 1999 to discover the time period of origin and development of its human civilization and culture. 

The work was halted several times due to inevitable reasons but the researchers tasted success for the first time in 2010. Terracotta artifacts and many creations made of bricks have been discovered at the site. The discovery has also revealed ancient cultures from Neolithic age to Gupta period.

The excavation report is yet to be made public and is being prepared in chronicle and listed form to preserve the discovery for the sake of the future.

According to Vijay Kumar Choudhary, Director, Kashi Prasad Jayaswal Research Institute, Patna, “The limited excavation on Pandav site has been a huge achievement as it has confirmed the history of this place since 4,000 B.C. There is need of extensive excavation at the site, conservation of the remains and development of the site as a tourist spot”.

Articles found at the excavation site:

Weapons of iron and bone

Clay idols

Iron and bronze tools

Remains of walls

Brahmi scripts and coins