Puducherry, Jan 26 (Agencies): Chlorine gas leakage from a chemical factory made around 65 people, including 12 children fall ill, police said on Wednesday.

The victims complained of respiratory problems and eye irritation after inhaling the gas and were admitted to hospital where their condition was stated to be stable.

Police said the leak of chlorine from a cylinder stored in the factory at Pudhu Nagar locality had been plugged.

Relatives of the victims said there was sudden spread of the gas in the area at 7.30 AM, causing respiratory problems and irritation in eyes.

“All the 65 people were in stable condition and special teams of doctors and para medical staff had been deployed to attend to them,” Superintendent of Indira Gandhi Government General Hospital S Govindaraj said.

Puducherry Home and Health Minister E Valsaraj who inspected the factory, told reporters that the administration had ordered immediate closure of the factory under provisions of CrPC 144 (power to issue order in urgent cases of nuisance or apprehend danger).

PWD Minister M O H F Shahjahan said a detailed inquiry into the incident would be conducted by Pollution Control authorities and the Directorate of Factories.