New Delhi: A whopping 66 per cent of nearly 4,000 cases reported in the first month of this year in the national capital have remained unsolved.

A total of 3,972 cases under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) were registered in the capital in January, with vehicle theft cases topping the list.

"1,132 vehicles were stolen in January alone. This accounted for 28.5 per cent of the total cases reported in the month," a senior police official said.

Forty-one murders were also reported in the city last month besides 47 robberies, 83 snatchings and 17 rape cases, the official said.

"Efforts are afoot to keep street crime under control," he said.

However, only 1,352 cases could be solved by the police, leaving 2,620 cases unsolved which is 66 per cent of the total cases reported in January.

Last year, 53 per cent of the total 51,292 reported cases remained unsolved. "23,953 cases reported last year were solved," the official said.

In 2010, 557 murders, 521 robberies, 1,343 snatchings, 2,240 kidnapping and 486 rapes were reported. 13,215 vehicle theft cases were also reported last year.

The official said most of those involved in crimes in the capital were first timers.