66.7 percent of Indian travellers would prefer to travel abroad and stay in a hotel in order to experience more of the trappings of a traditional Christmas," according to the survey by Hotels.com.

The company conducted a global Christmas survey in 28 countries with over 8,700 respondents. The survey revealed that 75 percent of the respondents  feel they would definitely plan a weekend getaway if they are unable to take a long vacation for Christmas this year.

About 62 percent of Indian travellers are interested in picking up a hotel that offers a traditional 'Yuletide' experience during Christmas, it said, indicating that evolving travellers of the country want to travel not just during the year-end but also to experience more of the trappings of a traditional fanfare.

Globally, the survey said, 32 per cent travellers from the Asia Pacific region (APAC) would travel for the reason of  experiencing Christmas elsewhere.
"APAC travellers seem to be in the mood to travel this Christmas, as 32 percent travellers from the region want to go abroad and stay in a hotel during the period, while only 20 percent, 17 and 9 percent of Latin America, Europe, US and Canada travellers are planning to travel abroad, respectively," it said.

The top reason for travellers in Europe and APAC region is to spend quality time with family, while in US, Canada and Latin American, people want to travel to enjoy colder winters and to experience Christmas festivities of other countries.

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