The doodle presents six colourfully bedecked camels with bandsmen riding their back and playing martial music, marching elegantly in one neat row as they do on the ceremonial boulevard.
Each of the six camels carries a letter of the word 'Google' on their golden caparison. The BSF is the only force in the country to have these majestic and elegantly dressed four-legged animals for both operational and ceremonial duties.
They are used by BSF personnel for patrolling along the Thar Desert running along the Indo-Pak International Border in Rajasthan.
The 90-camel contingent, 54 with troops and the rest with band personnel, first became part of this national festival celebration in 1976 after it replaced a similar squad of the army which had been participating in the Republic Day parade since it first took place in 1950.
Incidentally, the contingent this year were made to skip the Republic Day dress-rehearsals initially, sending out a signal that they won't be part of the annual parade, but the contingent were brought in for the exercise a few days before the grand event where French President Francois Hollande is the chief guest.