London: A new study has revealed that seven out of ten women have 'done a Liz Hurley,' and given their man a makeover to improve his image.
The researchers found that millions of women have copied Hurley's remoulding of lover Shane Warne by altering their man's hair, weight, lifestyle or eating habits.
Others have made dress sense their first priority, encouraging him to ditch scruffy jeans and tatty shirts for smarter, more presentable clothing.
Shedding unsightly beards or growing trendy stubble are also common issues which women address within weeks of meeting a new partner, according to the study carried out by Wilkinson's Sword.
"This research shows there is definitely a 'Shane Warne effect' sweeping through the country at the moment," daily quoted Wilkinson Sword's Grooming Expert Jason Shankey as saying.
"The positive effect Elizabeth Hurley has had on Shane Warne's overall appearance is remarkable.
"And it seems women of the UK want to recreate similar results on their own men.
"A growing number of men are asking for shaving advice as their wives and girlfriends have requested they're clean shaven," Shankey added.
The study found nearly one third of women felt they had their boyfriend or husband 'under their thumb', with 60 per cent claiming they 'knew best' about style and image.