London: When it comes to bullying at office, Britons seem to be among the most bullied employees in the world -- with seven out of 10 claiming that they have been picked on by bosses or colleagues, a new study has revealed.
And, it's not just 36 percent who were driven to tears by cruel jibes, some 10 percent claim to have been physically attacked, according to the study, based on a survey of 16,517 workers in 53 countries by recruitment website Monster.
A quarter claim bullying has affected their performance at work in the survey.
In total, 71 percent of the British workforce has been bullied. A further 12 percent say they have not been bullied themselves but have "seen it happen to others"; that leaves just one in six unaffected by bullying, the study has found.
In fact, in the overall survey, seven percent said they were deliberately "physically hurt" and 36 percent said "I've been driven to tears'. A further 21 percent admitted it had "affected my performance".
In total, 64 percent of workers worldwide have been bullied. A staggering 83 percentof continental European respondents claim to have been physically or emotionally bullied. This compares with 65 percent in the Americas and 55 percent in Asia.
Spanish workers are the most likely to be physically attacked and Dutch workers the most likely to cry. Belgium reported the lowest rates of bullying at 38 percent.
Charles Purdy of Monster said, "The survey results point to bullying in workplace being alarmingly widespread. It is certainly a problem that should be on employers' radar.”
"A bullying situation can affect employee morale and that can have a huge impact on a company's bottom line. Happy employees are productive employees."