You have fantasy, dream and planning but it is not necessary that they will get realised. Despite all odds, we should not be relentless in pursuing our dreams but at the same time we also need to live a fullest life. Eagerness and enthusiasm, hopes and happiness, struggle and success... these are ‘levers of life’ that keep a person afloat, however gloom and doom around him.
This maxim fits into the context that, “If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.” Each dawn brings a new ray of hope in life, so make it habit of pulling up ‘levers of life’ that will always make you ahead of your peers. So, collect positive energy always to deflect distracting elements in your life. Materialistic pleasure is no less than a bubble but mental peace is long lasting.  Here are seven tips that will enable you to stay happy and live a long life     
Stay away from worries:
Most of the time, we spend time thinking of hypothetical situations of what can go wrong. These worries are irrelevant since most of them do not even occur. Staying away from them will surely give you a reason to relax and feel happiness around you.
Appreciation is important:
The more you appreciate what the almighty has given you, the more you will be content and happy. Whatever we have got, we should plan accordingly and strive for success. If we persevere honestly, God will definitely reward us.
Life’s purpose:

When you are aware of the purpose of your life, you are more likely to feel content and happy. If you don’t know what your values and the purpose of life, take a good, hard look at what you stand for, as well as what really makes your heart sing.
Enjoy the Journey:

Most people feel happiness is part of their goal, and when they reach their destination, they find ultimate joy of life. However, we tend to miss out on the fact that happiness is in the journey of our life and not something that you finally achieve. Always remember it.
Fix your goals:
Unrealistic goals will be almost impossible to achieve and therefore, affects the happiness in a negative scenario. The solution is to set achievable and realistic goals that you can pursue, achieve and reach a sense of contentment.
Low expectations:
Expectations from others could lead to disappointments, because it is not possible that they will always come to as your saviour. So, keep low expectation and belief in yourself that will make strong enough to fend off any odd in life.
Live in present:
There’s no use waiting for tomorrow to arrive, hoping that it will bring you more of what makes you happy. Today is all you have, right now is all you have, and you need to find ways to be happy in this very moment. Enjoy your family, live your dreams. We advise you to live in the moment

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