Here are few tips through which one can take care of his/her skin in winters

1. In winters, the moisture of skin evaporates very quickly,leaving our skin dry.
    Use a good moisturizer which suits your skin requirements.

2. Moisturise your skin every morning before leaving for the office or any other place.

3. Before taking bath, add few drops of olive oil or some cups of milk in water and hop in. Milk and olive oil will help in moisturising your skin.

4. You can even use a good body butter to add natural moisture and shine to your skin.

5. Eat a very balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins to keep your skin look and feel healthy.

6. Apply a thick layer of  olive and cocunut oil before going to bed, as they will ensure your skin remains moisture prone.

7. Dont forget to drink lots of water all day long as it will keep your skin hydrated.

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