A new American multinational telecommunications corporation study has found that 70 percent of drivers use their smartphones while at the wheel.

Texting (61 percent) and Emailing (33 percent) are still the top activities, but now people are using Facebook (27 percent), Twitter (14 percent), Instagram (14 percent), and Snapchat (11 percent) too.

Even 17 percent of respondents said they take selfies while driving, while 10 percent said they video chat. As many as 62 percent keep their smartphones within easy reach while driving while 30 percent of people who post to Twitter while driving do it "all the time".

Around 22 percent who access social networks while driving cite addiction as a reason. Of those who shoot videos behind the wheel, 27 percent think they can do it safely while driving.

The study, conducted by Braun Research with 2,067 participants who own a smartphone and drive at least once a day, was part of AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign that encourages people to put down their smartphones while driving.

"The same applies to other smartphone activities that people are doing while driving. For the sake of you and those around you, please keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone," Lee added.


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