Lucknow:  A Crime Free State is a dream never to be achieved by Uttar Pradesh. The upcoming UP polls have once again proved that crime and politics go hand in hand. The first list put out for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh has a total of 77 candidates with criminal background. Out of which 38 candidates are accused of serious criminal charges.

According to a survey conducted by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), 13 candidates from the BJP and the Congress each are accused of serious criminal charges and 12 such candidates from the Samajwadi Party are contesting for elections. So far, major political parties have fielded at least 617 candidates for the polls.  

As per the data provided by the association, the candidates with criminal background have serious charges of murder, Robbery and abduction against them.

Out of 220 candidates fielded by the BJP so far, 26 are with criminal background. Similarly, 26 out of 215 candidates from the Congress are allegedly having criminal background

The SP has also fielded 24 candidates who are having a criminal background.

Defending their stand on fielding such candidates, the political parties are of the view that until the charges on such candidates are proved in the court, they cannot be termed as criminals.

According to the ADR report, 143 out of 403 MLAs have criminal cases pending against them. The BSP has the maximum number of MLAs who have been charged with heinous crimes. 17 MLAs of the BSP and 16 of SP are involved in such crimes.

The report further revealed that 127 MLAs in the state are crorepatis, of which 51 are from BSP, 38 from SP and 16 from the BJP.