"Every year 1.5 lakh infants were born in India with congenital heart disease," Dr Murtaza Chisti, Chief Cardiac Surgeon of the Mahatma Gandhi Cardiac and Critical Care Centre, told reporters after conducting a medical camp here on Sunday.

Due to lack of awareness, cases of congenital heart disease were on the rise in the country.

"Work-related tension coupled with changed lifestyle of young people that caused them to hurry and scurry for work had resulted in even people in the age group of 30 to 40 years get heart attacks or suffer from heart-related problems," he said.

"Controlled diet with less fatty and oily, and non-vegetarian food, non-consumption of sweets, coupled with adequate rest could reduce the incidence of heart problems, he said, adding that diabetes, high blood pressure, mental tension, increase in cholesterol were contributory causes for heart attacks.

Dr ML Swarankar, chairman of the India Education Trust, said India had the dubious distinction of having the largest number of deaths in Asia owing to heart attack.

“More and well-equipped cardiac centres were needed to bring down the number,” he added.