Fill your bag with these items and set yourself up for a more productive workout.


Cleansing face wipes: You will need the most while working out in the gym to wipe your sweat. Face wipes are extremely gentle, yet effective. They are great for removing oil, sweat, dirt, and makeup before or after working out without drying or irritating skin.


Dry shampoo: No time to shower? Hair looks greasy or oily after workout? Dry shampoos are amazing for post workout hair. It eliminates greasiness by absorbing oil at the roots and adds volume back to your hair.


Hair ties: One should always have an extra hair tie in a bag to keep your hair off your face when you're sweating it out. Black hair bands are boring so liven up your hair tie collection with colourful ones. Another plus point of these are they don’t pull or break your hair and don’t leave a crease in your hair.


Water bottle: Water is very important to keep yourself hydrated while working out. Instead of carrying old-fashioned bisleri bottles, carry sleek and sporty options that are easily available in the market.  


Music player: Most people find music incredibly motivating, but it has to be your music. You can use your phone, iPod or an Mp3 player, and pack some headphones. Hearing a fast paced song serves as instant motivation!



Deodorant: Apply and then always re-apply post workout! This one is great because it doesn’t have an over powering deodorant smell but it definitely gets the job done. Also, it does not leave residue on clothes.


Set of clothes: Avoid wearing your sweaty clothes again after shower by always carrying an extra set of clean clothes before you leave for the gym.


Sports watch: Even though you are in the gym a good watch is still an essential tool. Use a watch in particular if it is a workout involving running or if it is a workout involving multiple rounds and want to see the time for each round separately. A good sports watch will allow you to mark start and end times as well as lap times.


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