An  Athelete .
He'll be  found in every team and he'll play every sport. He will be a “god of sports”.
He/she must be a rich spoilt kid who has a nice bike ,. Richie Rich won't care about his grades in school because his father has much money to waste on his expensive shits.





The Angreez
The fluency in english and extraordinary behaviour of this kid makes him out from the crowd. He/She will say that his/her uncle was in U.S.A. .





The Bunker
This person can't be seen in a class because they have other things to do like partying somewhere and having blast!.






A Nerd.
They usaully have a heart of gold and ready to help anyone . But his/her badluck to have much friends.






Teacher's pet.
 This person love to sit on the first bench and always be in a berserk manner.






The Gunda !

If you are in trouble then , then he is your helping hand. Apparently, he can be a reason of your trouble.






An Eve-teaser
They are like bees who keep on whizzing from one flower to another.