She celebrated her 81st birthday in July and still practices basketball and performs push-ups and sit-ups.

She even created an exercise she calls the 'roly-poly roll'.  Sitting on the ground with feet and hands clutched, Li rolls around 100 times everyday at home.  

She believes this exercise is good for her muscles and bones. 'I enjoy doing sports. Exercising makes me happy,' Li said.

Once a farmer in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Li moved to Fujian at the age of 56.

When she was 68 years old, Li realized that she wanted to start her 'sports career'.

"I feel really good. I have no illness. I am a light and fast walker. People won't believe my age if they only look at they way I walk and listen to my voice," she said.

To pass on her passion, Li has now volunteered to teach anyone interested.

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