Mumbai: Mumbai traffic police have caught 840 people, who were allegedly indulged in drunken driving during the New Year celebrations in the city.

The arrests were made till 6 am on Tuesday starting Monday night, police said, adding that there has been a rise of around 100 cases compared to the number of arrested during New Year celebrations last year.

Most of the offenders were held in the eastern parts of Mumbai, while a few others were caught in south Mumbai, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Brijesh Singh said.

According to police, in December alone they had caught 2,923 drunk drivers in the city.

In 2012, they had caught over 14,220 offenders and collected a fine of Rs 2.45 crore.

One third of the total number of offenders caught then did not possess licenses, police said, adding that 5,111 of them were imprisoned, while driving licenses of 4,088 offenders were suspended.


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