New Delhi: A whopping 47 percent of the over 1.81 lakh cases reported in the national capital in the past three-and-a-half-year remain unsolved with Delhi Police attributing it to delay in forensic tests, non-cooperation by complainants and other reasons.

A total of 85,596 cases reported since 2008 are yet to be solved while police have cracked 96,201 so far. "47.08 percent of the 1,81,797 cases reported between 2008 and July 31, 2011 remain unsolved," a senior police official said.

A total of 30,904 cases were reported in the first seven months of this year and over 50 percent of the cases remain to be closed. "While 13,764 cases have been solved, 14,710 cases are yet to be cracked," the official said.

Police attributed the delay to a number of reasons, including delay in arrest of accused and examination of voluminous records.

"The delay in receiving reports from forensic laboratories and non-cooperation by complainant resulting in delay in collection of evidence
are some of the reasons," the official said.

Special teams were set up in police stations for focused action on each case and a compendium of criminals released from jail either on bail or after completing their sentence is compiled and given to beat constables to verify their involvement in pending cases, the official said.

In July alone, 4,834 cases were added while police solved a total of 2,404 during the month. However, 2,430 cases were added to the unsolved category in the month.

Similar was the trend for last year when the unsolved cases surpassed the number of solved cases. Out of a total of 51,292 cases reported in 2010, police could only solve 24,702 cases leaving 26,590 cases unsolved. In 2009, a total of 50,251 cases were reported out of which 27,829 were solved.

The year 2008 appeared to have a better record in terms of solving cases than the others. The year saw a total of 49,350 cases out of which only 19,444 cases remained unsolved.

During the past three-and-a-half years, a total of 1,34,968 people were arrested with 2008 topping the list with 43,381 followed by 40,890 the next year.

In 2010, the number of those arrested was less at 34,683. Interestingly, this was the year which saw the maximum number of cases and a higher rate of unsolved cases. This year, a total of 16,014 people have been arrested.