New Delhi: Around 90 percent of commuters are satisfied with the quality of Delhi Metro services, according to a survey conducted by the company and released on Sunday.

A total of 89 percent ranked the Metro services from ‘excellent’ to ‘good’. About 50 percent opined that the services were ‘very good’ and 31 percent ranked the services as ‘good’.

The survey was conducted in March when a total of 33,987 commuters were interviewed, accounting to two percent of the total daily commuters on the Metro, a Metro official said.

Regarding punctuality, the survey revealed that 93 percent of commuters were satisfied and 47 percent said punctuality was ‘good’.

About 33 percent ranked it ‘very good’ and 13 percent classified it ‘satisfactory’. However, the remaining six percent opined that it ‘needed improvement’.

Regarding cleanliness of Metro stations, 47 said the standard was ‘good’ while 38 percent ranked cleanliness and ticketing procedure as ‘excellent’.

Nearly 41 percent said the trains were ‘excellent’ in their cleanliness. Another 47 said the standards in the trains were "good’.

Most people were also satisfied with the comfort levels in the trains.