Ranchi: Before the people of the state could come out of the memories of the unparliamentarily word used by Union Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahay to define politicians, senior leader Shibu Soren has come up with a similar stunt.

Parliamentarian and Chairman of the Jharkhand State Coordination Committee Shibu Soren has termed majority of the politicians as liars.

Speaking on inauguration of the Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Cooperation Fair cum Exhibition on Wednesday, Shibu said, “99 out of 100 politicians are liars. They exaggerate things which they have actually not done at all.” He said, “The politicians just hold meetings in the name of development and think that development has been done.”

On migration of people to Mumbai, he said, “Now-a-days everyone posseses land but they have several reasons for not practicing agriculture. They prefer to go to Mumbai for employment and return in rags. People in Jharkhand do not like to work and instead make hue and cry over their poverty. This is nothing but forceful poverty. When they are physically able and working in Mumbai then why not do the same in Jharkhand. They leave their kins here to work there.”

He added, “The tribals and Harijans suffer from a problem that even if you give them knowledge, they do not like to take it. In spite of having agricultural lands, they like to work as labourers. We must protest it.”