Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi said the sudden increase was because every case was being filed and police have become more sensitive towards the issue.

He said registration of cases will continue in 2015 as well as it was done in 2013.

"Our men sincerely investigated every case and tried to solve it at the earliest," Bassi said.

At least 6,180 cases of robberies were reported in 2014, while the number was 1,106 in 2013.

The number of snatchings and dacoity cases touched 6,944 and 78 respectively in 2014, from 3,316 and 31 in 2013. The number of cases about other heinous crimes such as murders increased from 486 to 561 in 2014.

There were 2,069 cases of crime related to women such as rape in 2014, while this number was 1,571 in 2013.

At least 4,179 molestation cases were reported in 2014 as compared to the 3,345 in 2013. Kidnapping for ransom was stood at 37 in 2014, up from 28 in 2013.

There were 12,276 house theft cases in 2014, an increase of 327 percent from the 2,870 cases in 2013.

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