New Delhi: Lured by the delight of eating Jodhpur’s ‘Pyaaz Kachori’, a woman pilot of Air India put her job at stake and delayed her flight for an hour. She was later suspended for her laxity in discharging her duties. She has also been charged for operating a pre-scheduled flight ignoring the official orders causing chaos at Mumbai airport.

A leading English newspaper reported that captain Smriti Trehan was asked to operate Mumbai-Delhi flight scheduled for 2 PM but she overlooked the official orders and decided to operate pre-scheduled flight at 12 PM which was traveling via Jodhpur. The Delhi based captain was staying in a Mumbai hotel when she was informed about changes in the schedule.  

The sources say that captain Smriti had ordered for “Pyaaz Kachori” which was to be delivered to her at Jodhpur airport. After being delivered “Pyaaz Kachori”, the captain took the aircraft to Delhi which was against the new schedule. During the period, chaos was created at Mumbai airport due to non-availability of pilot for Mumbai-Delhi flight. It took another hour for airline to search for an alternative pilot and the aircraft could take-off at 3 PM.

The senior officials have been informed about the incident. Air India management has ordered enquiry in this case and captain Smriti has been suspended.


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