New Delhi: Demonstrations against the gang rape incident continued on the third day of the New Year at Jantar Mantar with protesters observing a "black day".
Students from various schools and colleges gathered to express their outrage even though a bandh called by protesters failed to evoke much response on Thursday.
"What is happening in our country is actually demonic. After the December 16 incident, many other rape cases have been reported. We are observing a 'black day' in order to find a solution for this," said Akshay Ohri, a student who came to Jantar Mantar for the protest.
Protestors held placards displaying slogans like "Call joint parliamentary session to make tougher laws for rape and sexual exploitation and implement effectively" and "A protest against not just one crime but against a mentality".
"We are protesting here against the increasing crimes against women in our country," said Satyavir Singh, a protestor from Aligarh. He said increasing availability and consumption of alcohol is also a factor responsible for rising crimes against women, he said.
Another protestor Rajesh Gaghwan, who is on fast for past 11 days at Jantar Mantar, said "we will continue our fight till justice is granted."
But for some like Sandeep Arora - a businessman – these protests were losing sheen. "I feel that these protests will diminish in few days," he said.


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