Amidst the 2G controversy, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement of providing transparency and accountability in public life seems highly impossible. Transforming this thought into reality is a big challenge and we cannot set a time frame for it. This thought can only be realized if the people sitting at the helm of affairs show sincerity and dedication in enforcing it. Unfortunately the government lacks that will. How long will the Prime Minister make promises of bringing about legal and administrative changes in curbing corruption in public life? If the Prime Minister is to be believed, the government has done a lot in this direction in the last one year. But the fact remains that neither the Lokpal Bill nor the Judicial Accountability Bill or the Whistle Blower Bill could be passed in the Parliament. Supreme Court’s verdict of cancelling 122 2G licenses has further strengthened the fact that the government is least concerned with the scam. The culprits of the 2G scam were brought to book only after the intervention of the Judiciary. If the Judiciary had not meddled, A Raja would have still been the Telecom Minister and the government would have been defending him.

It is annoying and shameful that the UPA is still not ready to accept its mistakes. It is not only about corruption in 2G but various other scams like the CWG. There was rampant corruption during the preparation of the CWG but the government instead of confronting the situation was sitting as a mute spectator. The government should also realize that the reputation of the country has taken a beating due to these scams. All the promises made by the UPA to curb corruption looks far from reality. Time and again the Prime Minister has assured the people to bring about administrative changes to contain corruption but it is difficult to understand that why were the suggestions made by the second administrative commission on corruption put on the backburner? The commission had made these suggestions during the first term of the UPA. A group of ministers was also constituted to look into the suggestions made by the commission but no one knows what has happened to it and what is the GoM doing regarding this? Though the government has brought about some changes to curb corruption but it is difficult to say whether these reforms will be successful.