The real girl

I have always been the girl-next-door, and I don't intend to change that image. I feel it’s the best compliment I have received. It is a space everyone relates to, from a college girl to a professional or home maker. Bollywood is full of glam dolls, but how relatable are they? I never want to play a character, where most girls look up and say, 'I can never be like this.’ I am playing girl-next-door characters in my upcoming films, but they have different shades to them.

Bowled over by Big B

Honestly, working with Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) felt kind of surreal. I just couldn’t believe that I was working with the biggest superstar of the industry, and of the country! Amitji’s sense of humour and aura is simply amazing. Everyday, I used to suffer from his hangover. When I was on the sets, I used to be in my character, but post pack-up, I would just be thinking about how the day went with Amitji.

Working with Prakashji (Prakash Jha) was also a great experience. He pushes his actors to stretch their abilities, and at the same time gives the cast creative freedom which puts pressure to give our best. He is a fast executioner as well.

A silver lining

Parents have to be supportive and patient if their children want to make a career in the creative field. My family has always supported me, encouraged me and given me the right advice. No one's career graph is always full of only successes, everyone fails once a while. My family has been my rock of confidence whenever I have faced failures. They get excited with my achievements and also motivate me to do my best. I surround myself with positive people and energy.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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