Here, we bring you some of the most expensive bicycles which are not only good in looks, but will cost a fortune.

Trek butterfly Madone:

In the list of most expensive bicycles, this one ranks number 1. This bicycle is adorned with several butterflies that beautify its looks and make it alluring and glorious. This fancy bike have amazingly high price of USD 500,000.

Trek Yoshitomo Nara:

This astonishing bike is ranked 2nd in the top 10 list of world's most expensive bicycles. This one is ideal for adventure sports as its edge made of carbon strand gives quick speed and light weight. The price of Trek Yoshitomo Nara is USD 1,125,000.

Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal edition:

This swanky bike is for those who want to keep themselves high profile. The makers of this cycle framed it with 24k of gold and not only this; it is also studded with 600 Swarovski crystals. This priciest limited edition bike is sold for USD 114,464 and the makers only make 10 units worldwide.

Electric Assist Bicycle by Erockit:

This bicycle is for those who don’t want to paddle always as this works as a motorcycle also. The motor of this bicycle is charged when rider pedals the bicycle. It has a powerful motor that can go at very high speed for the limited period. The price for this bicycle cum bike is USD 44,000.

Litespeed blade:

This famous luxurious bike worth USD 40,788 comes from top designer with first class materials and loads of high end accessories. The overall look of this provides a comfortable seat for the rider and also fast system to accelerate the speed.

Limited Edition Chanel Bike:

Apart from producing luxury accessories, Chanel also produces cycles. These cycles are limited edition and each cycle range starts from USD 17,000 to USD 28,000. The pant guard, detachable bag, seat and the saddle are the highlights of this cycle and every leather resource adorned on this bike are made in Chanel’s factory.


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