Mumbai: From the Harvard Business Review to Archie's comics, have books delivered to your office with corporate online library service Kwench.

Quoting Lord Byron to your girlfriend and Bill Gates to your boss might just be possible while juggling your hectic work schedule. Kwench, a corporate library provider, has been putting a book in workstations across companies in the country.

It all started in 2008 when four IIM graduates working in Mumbai and frustrated with the lack of time to buy and read the latest bestseller, decided to start an online library that would deliver books to your office.

"We held a pilot run for friends working in different cities and the response was so good that we quit our jobs to take this up full time," says Prashant John, co-founder and executive director of Kwench, who left a high-paying job in a leading IT company.

Along with Sunder Nookala, Krishnan Madhabushi and Mitesh Damania, John began procuring books from publishers and distributors. Today, they handle a team of 70 and work with 20,000 titles in fiction, non-fiction, research, and self-help, among other genres.

"Companies are looking to encourage their employees to read for work and recreation. We stock a range of industry-specific magazines as well as novels and classics," says John.

Kwench also stocks children's books for working moms. When a company signs up with Kwench, its employees can choose from the titles displayed on the website. The book is delivered to the office the next day. The book can be returned via a Kwench drop box located in the office itself.

"The fee depends on the number of employees in an organisation and the features they choose.

The basic package costs Rs 2 per employee per month," explains John. Add-ons include specific subscriptions to magazines and analytic tools that build a reading profile of the employee and make personal suggestions based on their reading history. With centres in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, Kwench caters to companies around the country via courier services.