Islamabad: Pakistan spy chief Lt Gen Shuja Pasha has visited Qatar where he met US officials, sparking speculation of an attempt to set right troubled ties, said on Friday. Gen Pasha, who heads the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), visited Qatar, which is US Central Command's regional headquarters.

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This led to speculations about an 'intelligence back channel' between Pakistan and the US.

ISI chief's foreign trips are not officially announced.

General Pasha's visit took place amid strained ties following the Nov 26 NATO airstrikes on two Pakistani Army checkposts in Mohmand Agency that killed two dozen soldiers, sparking outrage in Pakistan.

Islamabad promptly barred the passage of NATO supplies through the country and decided to boycott the Bonn conference that discussed the future course of action in Afghanistan.

The media report said that the general returned Wednesday from the Qatar trip that had been authorised by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

A western diplomatic source said the ISI chief met US officials during his Qatar visit.