London: Tyra Banks has some hot tips for women so that they can be taken seriously - pants, shoulder pads and sleek hair.

The 39-year-old self-confessed that business woman discussed her style secrets with Harper’s Bazaar’s Lauren Brown for the magazine’s YouTube series, The Look, in between some hands-on lessons for ‘smizing,’ and tooching’.

“My mumma told me I need to keep it simple, she said ‘clean and sleek’,” a daily quoted her as saying.

The America’s Next Top Model host said that her mum pulled out all of this stuff from People magazine back in the day.

So she learned that it should be simple and sleek – “pull the waist in, show the boobies, it’s all good.”

The model-turned-TV-personality, who is one of seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world’s most influential people by Time magazine, explained how her style developed to reflect a business women rather than a model.

She said that there were times when she cared, and there were times when she cared so much to be taken seriously that she said, “let me look bad,” for about five years.

There was one year when she never wore a skirt or a dress. Pants, pants, pants, she said.

Banks added that it’s all about shoulder-pads, even when they’re not in fashion.

It is the trick for women, it gives you a broad shoulder, and if you have an ass, the shoulder just makes the ass appear too, so you gotta even it out [with pads], she said.

She said she was eager to portray herself as a “smart business woman,” and so even when she started wearing dresses again, they were structured - with shoulder pads.


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