London:  If you have ever struggled to give a diplomatic answer to your partner's tricky questions, you can now have all the right answers ready to go.

A survey of 2,500 women has revealed what women really want to hear.

It showed that even straight-forward questions from wives or girlfriends like "do you think I need to lose weight?" can be a minefield, media reported.

That question should not be answered with "no way" as men might assume. Apparently "no way" is the worst response - whether you look at her before saying it or not.

Most women, 43 percent, favour the supportive, team effort response - "If you feel like that, let's diet together."

If your female partner offers to pay for dinner, do not fall into the trap of agreeing, only 23 percent of women in the Quiz Factor survey said they wanted that response.

Instead 45 percent wanted men to insist it was "their job" to pay for dinner.

The key is to be flattering but not to go over the top. So if she asks if her best friend is attractive, only 15 percent want you to say she is ugly, they would prefer you to say that you "hadn't noticed."

Similarly, if they ask if you like their mother, just say "she seems nice."

Only 18 percent wanted to hear the cheesy "I hope daughters turn into their mothers."

If you pay her a compliment, be careful. Only 25 percent want to hear they are sexy, whereas 30 percent would like to hear they are funny and 40 percent would like you to say they are beautiful.


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